We are a french & spanish team, based in BCN. Our work reaches to clients all around the world. We start every new project with the same illusion as the first one in 2011. We love our work and that is reflected in every step we take towards the final result. Our goal is for both the customer and us to be satisfied. We achieve this together, establishing a relationship based on listening to our clients and mutual trust. Understanding perfectly what the brand wants to convey and a total trust in our savoir-faire are key to us. We work with colors, shapes, fonts, compositions and every detail, looking for the most effective solution. We are defined by a modern, clean and sensitive style, where typography and color are the main actors.

Chloé Bersagol

She loves every project that requires a risky and experimental approach. She’s convinced that the first impression a brand makes on someone is capital, so she seeks the best approach to position it with originality and taking the customer through a real conceptual and aesthetic experience. Every project is a new challenge. Every brand has a story that has to be unveiled with as much authenticity as possible.

Álvaro Pinacho

He can’t talk about graphic design without bringing up typography. He pays close attention to every letter, every shape and every space. The result must get straight to the point, telling as much as possible with a minimal design stripped of superfluous elements. He sees graphic design through a solid style that can stand the test of time.


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Web Design

Mobile Apps

User Experience

Editorial Design

Brand Consultancy

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Icon Systems

Our happy clients

  • Duncan Campbell

    • Gorilla Arm

    • CEO

    Working with monsieur madame is an absolute pleasure.  His ability to understand the latest UX principals helps us build solid, cutting-edge products with exceptional user-focussed graphic design.

  • Pedro Pineda

    • TMDC

    • Co-Founder & Designer

    Aparte de la calidad del trabajo que monsieur madame ofrece, lo que mas nos gusta de colaborar con ellos es la capacidad de sorprendernos con nuevas propuestas que siempre superan nuestras expectativas. Sin nosotros pedirlo, al darles la confianza, ellos mismos van a darle esa vuelta mas al proyecto para mejorar lo que ya era bueno. Además son gente con la que es fácil tratar y comunicar, lo cual siempre se agradece mucho!

  • Rut Sagrera

    • The Odd Couple Studio

    • Co-Founder

    Finura, delicadeza y buen gusto. No solo en el diseño si no también en el trato al cliente. Magníficos profesionales. Creativos, abiertos y observadores tres de las grandes cualidades para poder crear nuevas tendencias del sector y trabajar con profesionales de grandes ideas.

  • Tim Plaggenborg

    • We Explain

    • Project Manager

    We are very glad to work with monsieur madame for their divers and high skilled designs, their experience in concept-thinking , knowledge to crack difficult topics to concrete images and their friendly and easy-to-go communication. And last but not least, they work fast and always make their deadlines. Excellent professionals!

  • Marie Signy

    • Poet

    Pour la réalisation de mon recueil de poésies Chloé et Álvaro ont été non seulement des maîtres d’œuvre de qualité, graphistes de talent tout particulièrement pour la mise en page complexe de mes poèmes, mais aussi des conseillers experts, patients et toujours à l’écoute de mes aspirations.
    Je ne saurais jamais assez les remercier pour cette très belle réalisation qui d’ailleurs a rencontré beaucoup de succès.